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Bat + Bunny Studio designed Moto Tags to make pedestrians + kids more visible at night. Parents can sport them on clothing or apparel and wallets for summer strolls.

They can also be used as decorative practical lights that do not need power on Boats or on Car Windows.

They weather storms!

The Logo is featured here in a repetitive pattern to draw on the spirit of printing. The actual point of sale products (pictured on the Home page to the Left and Right) can be made into smaller 'light' buttons for accessories, or made with logos for companies and nonprofits.

They attract light and adhere to:
messenger bags/wallets
purses and wallets for city travel, walking style and traffic visibility

Designed to create visible awareness around my child and other children or Teens at night, Moto Tags (tm) add graphic attention to pedestrians in a fashion forward way.

The idea behind graphic awareness patches was to create a product for our children to be seen wearing something cool, highly practical, Utilitarian and inexpensive. We also decided to solve a problem in a fashion-friendly way that increases pedestrian visibility and driver awareness all around. These modular patches are a beautiful way to help protect what is most valuable, in motion: your family and even other drivers on the road.

Motto: “Be Safe+Have Fun!”

Prototypes, first and second printing.


Licensing + Manufacturing Opportunities

2009-2019. Utility Patent #8317340.

The repetitive Logo for the studio is a symbol of night time vision, awareness, and the protection of what we care about.