Moto Patches + Tags are designed for increasing visibility in your travels. These modular sticker units can be used on boats, wallets, skateboards, car windows, backpacks, or other gear to increase your visibility while traveling at night. They can be customized with any design, and made in any size.

They serve a practical purpose as well -- to keep your child, backpack, car or boat - more visible while traveling on a journey that is important to you. 

Designed originally for backpacks, Moto Tags (tm) make children, sailors and pedestrians more visible in traffic or while walking on dark roads at Night. 

We care about the well being of pedestrians, captains, shipmates, crew and drivers on the road.


We have an investment in our product and our brand.  All applicable content copyright (C) 2009-18, Erica Paige Schumacher. Utility Patent #8317340B2 All Patent rights and Copyrights Reserved. For inquiries: email me: Or call.


I am happy to collaborate with others to get this product to market. Ideas for more eco-friendly materials are welcome as the State of the Art has changed as dramatically since the patent was published.