These Modular Light-bearing accessories were inspired by Noah whose Mom was concerned about him walking across crowded roads as he strode to school.

Bat & Bunny's Reflective Patches + Tags are for:  Kids



Pedestrians of all kind

Sailors and Boatmen


Add them to courier bags, clutches, purses, boats, solid-colored back packs + boards for graphic awareness. 


They can also be transferred seasonally or shared, or placed on car windows for extra back lighting. Thanks.

PATENTED + Trademarked.

Utility Patent Granted.

Customize in Any Size.

The smaller sizes are beautiful, cool and very effective.

Licenses available
  1. Moto Tags. 
  2. Bat&Bunny
  3. Reflective Apparel Patches + Tags (R.A.P.T.) (TM)