• Image of "B Boy" (MOTO TAG)

The idea behind modular graphic awareness patches (Moto Tags tm) was to create a light bearing product for children or adults to be seen wearing something cool, highly practical, light-bearing, transferable and inexpensive as they travel.

We also decided to solve a pedestrian and driver awareness problem in a fashion-friendly way.

These Reflective Patches+Tags are designed to make pedestrians + kids more visible at night. Teens or adults can place them on the belly of skateboards to create fashionable ambient reflectivity, which can be flashed at cars while walking on dark roads. Parents can use them, too on wallets, clutches, or in a pinch walking on busy roads or in parking lots at night.

These fashionable modular light and design units attract light and adhere to backpacks, bikes, messenger bags, wallets, moving vehicles (cars), and gear.

Designed to create visible awareness around my child and other children or Teens, they add graphic attention to apparel and stuff.

The graphic products are made to weather storms and can be made in any size.

These modular patches are beautiful practical objects that protect what is most valuable, in motion: your family and even other drivers on the road. Made into smaller "light buttons," they also add a Kimikazi light flash on elegant purses or clutches.

Motto: “Be Safe+Have Fun!”

Prototype Packages Available Upon Request. Available for Licensing and Partnerships.

2009-2019. Utility Patent #8317340.